Welcome to this website. Access Legal Research Inc. is located at the above-given address. In addition to myself and affiliated support staff, I am also in association with legal sources in both Canada and the United States. Although I conduct most of my business in these two countries, I have successfully been assisting people from all over the world since 1986. With exactly that in mind, I am hoping to continue to do so and to be of help to people who need assistance whoever and wherever they may be for a long time to come.

In response to any number of persons who have asked me to set up a website this part of our particular format is mainly dedicated to helping provide information regarding the granting of Canadian Criminal Record Suspensions s (A.K.A. Canadian Record Pardons) and U.S. Waiver of Excludability applications as pertains to the latest U.S. Esafe application format.

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For the time being a great deal of the information here pertains mainly to those who are seeking the relief given by:

• Canadian Criminal Record Suspensions (A.K.A. Canadian Record Pardons); and
• U.S. Waiver of Excludability applications.

As per U.S. Waivers – it is targeted at those not allowed entry to the United States because of their past criminal record and/or convictions. However, I am also here to help those who may not have been convicted of an offense but have been in violation of certain U.S. immigration policies and told they must not enter the U.S.A.


The information in this Website is not meant to be legal advice nor the definite legal answer to each and every case but rather a broad overview of situations that have caused any number of people problems with associated fallouts from numerous misunderstandings related to Canadian Criminal Record Suspension s & U.S. Waivers of Inadmissibility.


Hopefully, it will provide you with a reasonable idea as to what you need to know when confronted with this type of situation. If it is not the answer you want, please feel free to contact us directly so that we might determine if there is a clearer way we may be of further assistance in helping you to get the information you need.

If we cannot be of help we usually have affiliated contacts both in Canada and the United States who specialize in this kind of service. So sooner or later an answer should be available.


People make mistakes. Some big, some small, and more than a few are considered to be criminal offenses. According to a certain kind of political mindset they are certain crime is on the rise. Actually, it isn’t. If anything, it is just the opposite. Nevertheless, as a direct result of this bogus type of statistical data often times the community and certain of its political representatives are calling for harsher penalties, longer incarceration, and more surveillance by the various police departments of criminal elements they deem worthy of the same. The hard fact of the matter is that anyone convicted of a criminal offense may face discrimination for the rest of his or her life. Right or wrong, many people are prejudiced against those citizens who have prior criminal convictions—regardless of the fact that the person may have paid the prescribed penalties and gone on to lead a better life. These attitudes are hardening as time passes. Common sense tells us this discrimination can have a negative influence on a number of opportunities, particularly since people can often easily access information about another’s past behavior. So, in the event you have a past criminal record not only is your character at risk for further condemnation, but you may also suffer the loss of future job opportunities, and professional licensing as well as being denied access to other countries when travelling for vacation or employment purposes to mention only a few of the unpleasant possibilities. Combined with the grim reality associated with today’s increased surveillance due to the ongoing worry of an ever-growing global terrorism the call for increasing background checks is on the rise.

Here is a list of just some of the situations that can be negatively impacted if you have a criminal record:

• Adoption
• Bonding
• Certification
• Commissioner for Oaths Appointment
• Driving (reduce the risk of greater scrutiny from random road-side police checks)
• Employment – New or Current (ie. job promotion, new owners, new company policy regarding screening, downsizing)
• Educational Program (enrolment and completion of required practicum)
• Foster Parenting
• Immigration to Canada – Landed Immigrant or Permanent Residency
• Immigration to Canada – Canadian Citizenship
• Immigration to a Foreign Country
• Licencing
• Notary Public Appointment
• Obtaining a Liquor Licence
• Owning a Care Facility (Child Care, Elderly Care, or Dependent Adult Care)
• Peace of Mind
• Purchasing a Franchise
• Rental Agreements
• Sitting on a Board of Directors
• Temporary Work or Study Visa (Canada)
• Temporary Work or Study Visa (Foreign)
• Travel
• Visiting Canada (for non-Canadians with Canadian criminal records)
• Volunteering

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